Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get 3D animation software?

A: Our site focuses on the Blender 3D Animation Suite. Blender is great because it is free, open source, and easy to use. Or, if you like 2D animation more,you can download Pivot Stick Figure animator by doing a quick Google search. For more serious animators in the 2D field we recommend Flash. Flash is a little pricey but is better than Pivot. Blender can be acquired at and you can read about Flash by going to the Adobe website.


Q: How can I post stuff on QuantumWorks?

A: It's easy! Just go to the post page an follow the directions.


Q: Blender is tricky, how can I learn how to use it more effectively?

A: Here at QuantumWorks we are beginning to build a forum of tutorials for your use, however if you cannot find one that suits your problem you can go to and help.

Q: I sent some art to your site and it doesn't show up! Whats going on?!?!>:-O

A: Sent art can take up to a week to be reviewed and posted so be patient. That or your "art" wasn't appropriate for our site so >:-o yourself!


Q: I want to get more involved with Blender, how can I do this?

A: Congratulations! You feel yourself ready to become a member of the Blender Community! currently supports a forum of people all over the world who, like you, want to become more involved in Blender. Also, the people of Blender host an annual convention where people from the world over come to show off new techniques, animations, art, programs, and such.